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Fic - Pulling The Rug

Title: Pulling The Rug
Author: funkyshaz57
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Callie and Arizona
Disclaimer: Don't own em, Shonda does.

Thanks to a good friend for being my Beta on this, couldn't have done it without you

A/N - This was an entry for the Halloween Contest on LJ last year. The first piece I had written in a long time, unfortunately the contest was cancelled but I thought it was about time I posted it on my journal.

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Plea to All C/A FF reader's and writers.
Hey All!

So this post is about a C/A fan named Calarizfan. She was a regular reader of FF on Maybe some of you remember seeing her reviews around as she regularly reviewed many stories. She was a huge supporter of my work and pretty much religiously followed my fics and reviewed every chapter of every story. We even wrote to each other back and forth about Grey's and C/A in general. I don't know her Well. but I knew enough of her to know that she wouldn't just up and leave. 

It's been at least 3 months since I heard from her last. The last I heard from her was I got a review on my story from her and a message to apologize for reviewing late saying she had been unwell but she was back and eager to read.

She's in her 30's, Her name is Martha, she lives in Miami Florida, has two children, works and has a husband. 

It's been 3 months since I've heard from her and It's not normal. We weren't BFF's or anything but I know her well enough to know that she wouldn't just disappear from the FF world like she has. She was a devoted fan and loyal reader to not only me but many others.

Truth is I'm terribly worried about her yet I have no way to track her down. I've sent messages via FF and she has an LJ account that was only created for the purpose of following my story when I brought it over from FF. 

So I'm asking if anyone know's her, or has heard from her or anything like that to please please let me know. I know to a lot of people it may not be a big deal but I considered her to be a friend and I know this is so out of character for her. So please if anyone know's anything could you PM me or leave a comment.

Thanks Guys.

Third Time's A Charm
Hello lovely readers.....So I've been trying to post the next update to Third Times A Charm for at least an hour but every time I try it comes back with an error message saying my post is too long which is a little crap because it's probably one of my shortest chapters. But it's 11.30 pm Friday evening and I've been to my Netball Quiz night and I'm rather intoxicated so I really don't have the patience to sit up and try and sort it out especially when I have to be at my first netball game at 8.00 am in the morning so this is just a heads up that my normal 'Funky Friday' post is gonna be late. If LJ is still being an ass I may have to make it two chapters which is plain silly because it's not even that long but I just wanted to give those who read each week a bit of an update so you all know that I haven't forgotten to post

So tomorrow after my two games I'll try to sort it out!!!!!

PS - I'm super impressed I was even able to write this with how intoxicated I am!!

New FF friends!
Hi all! 

So apparently you can't make your journal private...I have no idea why I was under the assumption you could but you can make your general posts for friend's only. So because I can't make it private and be more selective. I really just want to say to those who have added me recently and any more that may do so. I'm super happy to have you on board, as I said in my previous post I love making friends but to those who happen to stumble upon my journal and decide that they may want to be rude or start being offensive, please do not bother! A good thing about this is that while I can't make it private, I can ban users and remove comments and I can track ISP addresses so I really hope that everyone who has added me as a friend does indeed want to be friendly!!! 

I don't have time for drama or trolls or just stupid rude ignorant people so if you comment on my journal for that specific purpose then I will simply remove your comment each and every time. 

I love Arizona, I pretty much think she is perfect, I hate Mark Sloan with a passion and at times I'm a bit iffy on Callie. I not only write fic but read a lot and comment super heaps and I participate in pretty much every community discussion involving C/A. I'm known for being honest, up front, at times defensive of Arizona and ....maybe just a tad a little OTT when it comes to Arizona, I'm also known to on the odd occasion get into somewhat...? friendly debates with others in the community...So if you don't like these things about me, or think I'm nuts or you know whatever then I'm not the person for you to friend, If you can't respect my opinions and my views I'm also not for you BUT for those that can, for those that like a friendly debate, for those who love our girls and just want to have fun, read fics and be part of an awesome community then I'm super happy to get to know you!!!!!

Influx of Friends!!!!!
Hey peoples! So in the last week or so, I've had A LOT of new people add me as a friend and I think it's super awesome!!!! I'm assuming this influx is to do with what's going on over at FF.Net, which by the way I think is a load of crap! 

I love new friends especially one's that love Calzona, and especially Arizona!!! (Oh yes I'm totally biased!) BUT and I really hope this does not come out wrong....I had a lot of drama over on FF due to trolls and people who liked drama - It was quite frankly annoying and rude and just peeved me right off! I've been a member of the C/A community here on LJ for quite some time now and have got to know some really awesome people on here. LJ is like my save haven away from FF. We don't get the trolls, the nasty comments, the threats and all that other crap that has been happening to FF lately and unfortunately for me I was a target of a lot of that bullshit on FF which is why I escaped over to LJ for a bit of a breather. 

My point to this ramble is, while I love meeting new people and making new friends especially within the C/A community here, I'm a little apprehensive about just letting any old person add me as a friend. I'm not about drama, I don't want drama and I certainly don't want drama following me over here to LJ so I'm going to lock down my journal once I figure out how to do it (I'm sure you can make it private), and unfortunately it means deleting some of those who may have added me recently. 

I want to make it clear I'm not doing this to just be an ass but when a post was made at FF a while back bagging LJ along with the great Mod's that run this place, I was bagged just as much, there were over 100 comments by mostly anon posters, my twitter feed including tweets about my 7 year old son, my girlfriend at the time and other things were made public and this was done by someone over at FF so I hope you will all understand my need for privacy and the need to be more careful. I refuse to let the drama that happened on FF follow me over to LJ and infect this really fantastic home away from home community. 

I will leave this post up for a day or so, so anyone who has recently added me know's why they may find themselves suddenly un-friend-ed (? is that even a word??) and know this is not personal as truthfully I don't know most of the people who have added me lately. 


If you would still like to be able to access my journal then you are quite welcome to comment on the next post that I will make up and if you are from FF, then leave me your FF name, introduce yourself or just say hi and let me know your not some drama focused troll and I will be more than happy to friend you! Again like I said, nothing personal and I love making new friends but I refuse to have the same drama go on here as it did on FF and I'm sure most of you will understand that!

So cheers people! 

There will be another post made where if people want to, when you try to add me, comment or you know, tell me what the weathers like in your city or your fav colour or preferably why Arizona is the best character on Grey's and then I would be happy to get to know you!

Aka Funkyshaz here on LJ and FF.

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Just messing around, trying to learn how to post pics and gifs etc, then Im gonna learn how to make them although I have no idea how to do so!!!So if anyone happens to come across this and knows a free and easy online programme or something to help me learn to make icons and all those lovely pics we see around the community let me know!
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Summary of Chapters 1 - 20
So this is just a Summary of Third Time's A Charm, Chapters 1 - 20 summed in one chapter just for anyone who happens to stumble upon this story at Chapter 21 and wonders what the hell has been going on in this fic. For my regular readers who are following me over from FF, I still have all the other chapters and I can post them if you all like but it is a lot of work to do so, LJ has a limit I think of how many words you can post in a post so it would take a while as my chapters are super long LOL. So quick summation of the story then a new chapter will be posted as per usual tonight!

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First Calzona Fic!!!!!
Title - Broken
Author - funkyshaz57
Rating - NC 17 - Eventually
Pairing - Arizona and Callie!!
Summary - Callie and Arizona have broken up...Arizona is not coping at all....she is on a downward spiral towards self destruction, Will Callie be able to save her in time...Will Arizona let her?
Disclaimer - I own nothing, not grey's, not the characters! 
A/N  - Hi All this is my first Grey's Fanfic!!! I have previously written fics but not for this pairing but seeing as how much I love love love them and inspired by the many great fics out there I thought I would try my luck. I'm not a very good writer but had a few idea's rolling around in my head so thought I would chuck em on here!

Anyone that knows me knows that I hate Angsty Calzona fics lol.....and to my surprise my fic is going to be angsty for a while......It does mention self harm, so is rated NC-17 and will also eventually have love scenes in them. The story will go quite fast as although it is angsty I don't enjoy writing angst so much so the SL will develop quite quickly...well at least I hope so!! 

Anyways onwards and upwards...I really hope you's enjoy and please leave me a review so I know whether I should continue or not!!

Arizona's POV

"I'm sorry....I love you"

"Me too....Me too"

It had been only 3 nights since that night took place, the night that broke her heart, that shattered everything she believed in. Arizona Robbins had always considered herself to be a strong independent woman, but right now at this very moment she was the exact opposite of that. It had been 3 days since her and Callie had broken up, 3 days of crying and utter heart wrenching pain. She had never experienced this type of feeling before, the gut wrenching, soul ripping indescribable feeling, but then again she had never loved anyone as much as she had loved Callie.

She hadn't wanted to break up with Callie it was the last thing she wanted, but then again she couldn't be the one to keep Callie from having a family one day, there was nothing in this world she wouldn't do for Callie and if that meant giving her up then she would but had she known that she would be this broken she would have fought harder, she would have bent for Callie, but it was too late now, she didn't fight hard enough she had lost the love of her life, and now she hated herself, she despised herself and for that she punished herself.

She couldn't go back to Callie now - she couldn't tell her that she loved her and yes she would have kids with her, that she would do anything for her, she couldn't even be around Callie now it would be too much for her.

The night she and Callie broke up, she drove around for hours before finally going home. When she got home she went for the nearest alcoholic beverage which was an expensive bottle of Vodka. Arizona rarely drunk spirits but every now and then Callie and her would have a big night out and they would pull out the top shelf stuff. Without so much as a blink of an eye Arizona opened the bottle and started drinking....she drank and drank until she felt the pain numb slowly.

Drunk and stumbling she got up of the couch and made her way to the bathroom, unsteadily she gazed into the mirror and what she saw angered her, she saw a weak shell of the person she once was, she saw someone that disgusted her. How could she have let Calliope go? Why couldn't she just have bent? or why couldn't she have just been honest and told Callie how she felt -  instead she didn't and now she was here alone.

Before she had thought anything through she raised her fist and slammed it into the mirror in front of her, it shattered on impact. Arizona shocked herself at first, she wasn't normally an angry nor violent person but her shock quickly disappeared when she noticed another feeling....relief, a minuscule tiny bit of relief. She slowly raised her hand to eye level and noticed the cuts to her hands, she looked at the blood dribbling down her fingers. Arizona normally thought of herself as a strong woman who could get through anything but right now she wasn't that person, right now all she wanted was more of the same....just a little bit of relief anything to get through this pain so without really thinking about it she picked up a broken piece of glass from the shattered mirror....she closed her eyes....she took the shard of glass to her arm just below her elbow on the inner side and she cut....she curled her fist tight as she dug deep and long and although she registered pain she also felt that feeling of relief for a while so she cut again and again.

That was 3 days ago, 3 long hard days, she had called in sick which was something she had never ever done before, she normally couldn't afford to do that with her job, the tiny humans needed her but for once in her life she didn't care as much about the tiny humans, in fact there wasn't much she really cared about at the moment.

But today she was going back, she didn't really have a choice especially if she wanted to keep her job.

She looked at herself in the bedroom mirror, she tried to smile ready for a day of fake happiness, it didn't look right but she knew it would be enough to placate most of the hospital as long as she was able to avoid Calliope she would be fine. She had a game plan....act as normal as possible, avoid Callie, if she saw her she told herself she wasn't to throw herself at her feet begging for a second chance, she was to be polite and leave it at that, treat her patients with as much enthusiasm as she usually uses.....yes that was Arizona's plan. She pulled on a long sleeved skivvy, that she would normally not wear but with her recent relief strategy she didn't have a choice. That was another thing that she had to be careful about, she could under no circumstances let anyone find out what she was doing to herself, she was already disgusted by her own lack of self control and her coping strategies she didn't need anyone at the hospital finding out how weak she was.

She packed up her bag, put her jacket on and went to leave the apartment, just before she got to the door she glanced over to the kitchen bench.....she quickly ran back over and picked up a little metal case and put it in her bag....."Just in case", she thought and with that she was off.


Writer's Block: Fan love
Who is your favorite TV character of all time? Why did s/he make such a big impact on you? Do you collect any memorabilia? Did s/he inspire you creatively in any way?

Favourite TV Character of all time.....Arizona Robbins played by the stunning Jessica Capshaw!

I can't even give a reason as to why.....From the moment she entered Grey's I was knocked for a sixer! Her character is not only amazingly beautiful, she's talented...ped's surgeon (way to go Ari!), she has a hot girlfriend lol, she's strong and caring and just so lovely and perky. On a bad day, watching one of her lovely clips I feel so much better. 

I don't collect any memorabillia, living in NZ there isn't much to get on her....if there was I would be getting it all, instead i settle for joining every fan-site there is about her, twitter, facebook, online forums,,,,,,it's quite stalker material really lol....I've read every bit of fan-fiction about her....

Has she inspired me in any way.....a little bit she has but it's more on a personal level not so much a creativity level.

Anyways I love Arizona Robbins and I love Jessica Capshaw even more!


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